We’re All Off To Sunny Spain…

Well, am off to Madrid tomorrow. It should be cool, although I’m in the state I always get into before going on holiday – everything’s packed and organised on autopilot and it hasn’t yet sunk in that I’m going. No doubt it will at 6.45 tomorrow morning when I’ve gotta head off…

I also can’t speak Spanish, which is something of an issue when I’m going to Spain. My boss has lent us a phrase book but, as it’s pretty much a translation of slang terms, it’s not going to help us much unless I want to question someone’s parentage, call them a space cadet or start a bar fight…

Anyway, there’s a possibility we’ll go to see Guernica, which will be my first encounter with Art-with-a-capital-A. I’ve even read up on it. No-one can say I’m not cultured…



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