Yes, okay, I know I haven’t been updating much recently – lots of report writing at work, a mild case of bird flu and a bunch of meetings from church have pushed updates off the agenda, sadly.

It’s a shame really. I mean, last Sunday I dressed as a pirate to teach my Sunday School lesson (it was the Parable of the Hidden Treasure if that explains anything). That would have made a nice entry. Or, like  , I could have written about the loonies in the bar last Friday.

And if I was being really shabby, I’d write something scathing about the Best of Michael Bolton advert that’s just been on.

But it’s too late now, so I’ll have to make do with raving about Broadband. It’s like the normal internet but faster. I’m addicted already and I haven’t even got on to web radio and streaming media and funky stuff like that. I guess that’s my weekend sorted.

And I’m off to Madrid next week. I can’t speak Spanish but I CAN speak very loudly and slowly. I’m aware that’s insulting, but the language centre of my brain only copes with English. I’m actually really ashamed about this. I mean, French and German at school just went in one ear and ran, screaming, out of the other. What makes it worse is the fact that I can remember one word of Klingon (K’plah!) That’s just plain embarrassing


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