I love the smell of victory. It tastes like chicken…

I know I’m beginning to look like a Relevant Magazine groupie, but they’ve just posted an article on Lost

Anyway, WOOOOOO and indeed HOOOOOO!!! Doctor Who scooped three out of three weird shaped statuettes at the National TV Awards. This is A Good Thing, especially as I was convinced the Doc would lose out to the latest cool Eastenders dude. There have been mutterings that this is due to Doctor Who fans being organised enough to swing the votes, but that’s just daft – these things are popularity concerts, and if the losers didn’t have thousands of people who love ’em enough to phone in…Well, looks like sour grapes could be on the menu. Congratulations Chris, Billie, Russell and anyone else involved in the show – you deserve it. And fingers crossed for a David Tennant victory next year…

(When tracking down that link to the BBC, I spotted that, on this day in 1959, the Soviets took the first pictures of the far side of the moon. Like Rosa Parks, this is like something from another age, and yet it’s easily in living memory for my parents’ generation. Makes me wonder if my generation can make history for any other reason besides terrorism and major natural catastrophes. I guess we’ve got the Internet, but…I don’t know, I think it needs its first iconic moment…)


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