Big Update

First things first – Rosa Parks has passed away. Her refusal to give up her seat on one of the South’s segregated buses was the moment that served as the iconic birth of the Civil Rights movement, triggering the Montgomery Bus Boycott that shot Martin Luther King to prominance. In some ways she seems to be a figure from another age – black and white photographs from an America divided across racial lines. But then you see New Orleans in the wake of Katrina, and you remember that the divide is still there, and that Rosa’s stand was only taken fifty years ago. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

On a lighter note…Went bowling Friday night. Nthing unusual about that, except they always give me the camp shoes. Last time I got the velcro ones, which made me look like I needed the bumpers up (I probably did, but not because I have trouble doing my laces). This time I got the Disco Shoes. They looked perfectly normal at the counter, but once I got them under the UV lights – Woooo! The green glow! They were so glowy I felt like I should have been waving them around in a field, busting shapes to dance music. I swear, at one point I started to believe I had the one pair of shoes that could kill Superman (although Bowling Shoe Boy is one meteor freak too far, even for Smallville).

Anyone, I nearly won one game and lost another. So it was either Kryptonite or random campery. You decide.

To close, just a few nice articles from Relevant Magazine’s site that I’ve been meaning to link to for a few days:


The Experiment (worth it for the Prayer of Jabez gag…)

Leaving Your 20’s Behind

When Time Seems To Stop

Comfort Zones

Faith Like a Four-Year-Old


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