The Internet Triggers Identity Crisies. Discuss.

Which Sci-Fi Character are you?

Well, I’m Galadriel. Wise, humble…And a chick. An elf chick. I mean, okay, I’m down with the wisdom and the humility, but frankly, every single time a bloke takes one of these tests, he wants to be Han Solo, Aragorn or Batman.

I mean, what about me suggested ‘ethereal elven woman’?

I’m having a gender crisis now. Couldn’t I have been Gandalf?

Someone I know is going to be Kirk. I know it.

Okay, I’ve just done ‘Which 24 Character Are You?’ (the next quiz down on Google was about Harry Potter characters, and, as I have bad hair and like reading, I’m going to be Hermione, which frankly, after being told I’m Galadriel, I could do without), and I’m AUDREY?! WHAT?! Look, if I’m gonna be a woman from 24, it’s gonna be Chloe, who is the greatest and loveliest geek girl ever, which the possible exception of Oracle from DC Comics.

And a sidestep into ‘Which Biblical Book Am I?’ said I was Lamentations, which is THE most depressing book in there, dealing as it does with ruin, abandonment and cannibalism. I’m beginning to wish I’d never started on all this.

‘kay. What Dodgeball character am I? Can’t go wrong with Dodgeball.

(Steve the Pirate, Steve the Pirate, Steve the Pirate…)


(Yes. I cheated. So sue me.)


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