What Would Jesus Blog?

Interesting article here about the potential effects of blogging on Christianity. Got to say I’m down with it – I’m not exactly a fan of being lumped together with some of the nuttier members of the American Religious Right. Fact is, once you get beyond the fundamentals, Christianity has a huge sphere of experience that can’t be represented just by televangelists and people who blow up abortion clinics. If blogging can bring a few more voices to the table, if it can engage previously marginalised groups within Christendom, then it could have a dramatic impact.

Of course, the church has always been about ten years behind the times, so it’s a bit like turning round an oil tanker, but it’ll be interesting to see how things develop, especially if it links in with what’s happening with the emerging church.

So, when the world needs a religious perspective on DC Comics and their latest reality-busting epic, you know where my blog is! 🙂


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