News Clips

So anyway, I subscribe to The Register as part of my job – I wanted to get up-to-date news relating to the IT sector as part of my researchy-type duties. What I didn’t expect were stories like this:

We’ll index the world by 2310, says Google
It’s going to take another 305 years before Google have fully indexed the totality of human knowledge. Yeah, well, I’m an information junkie, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s way too long. The totality of human knowledge needs to be available on my computer by next Wednesday. I’ll never look at 95% of it, and I’ll understand less that 2% of the remainder, but I’ll feel a lot better just knowing it’s there. 305 years? That’s, like, forever!

Airstrike rocks Smurf Village
It’s a tragic story. Papa Smurf was discovered by the CIA to be harbouring Bin Ladan. Big bombs. Not pretty.

No, not really. It’s really about a UNICEF advert designed to highlight the effect of war on children. I suspect that the advert will attract more outcry than most genuine airstrikes. That’s depressing.

And finally:

Crack-crazed squirrels terrorise South London
I don’t care what this story is about. It’s the greatest headline ever…


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