“We are two sides of the same coin, BWAHAHAHA!!!”

I’ve just been told I look like a lollipop man.

This is weird. I wouldn’t say I look like a lollipop man. My Dad was a lollipop man for a while (don’t knock it, it’s good pocket money between early retirement and state pension age), but as far as I know, it’s not a heriditary position. There’s no passing on of the hat and the lollipop.

This leads me to one inevitable, inescapable explanation – I have a doppelganger. I, like Captain Kirk and Superman before me, have an evil twin. Of course, that assumes I’m the good twin, and I did accumulate a 60p library fine last week, but as evil twins have a more extreme agenda than that, like triggering a nuclear holocaust while stroking one of those freaky hairless cats, I figure the Lollipop Man must have arrived here from a parallel dimension.

I bet he’s got a goatee.


2 thoughts on ““We are two sides of the same coin, BWAHAHAHA!!!”

  1. tipperary

    am not sure why an evil twin would masquerade as a lollipop man, but maybe thats the point – to remain clandestine.
    at least they didnt mean you look like a lollipop man, as in has a really thin body but massive head and children like to lick you. that would be far more worrying.

    1. matthewhyde Post author

      Exactly – the last disguise I’d expect my evil twin to assume is that of a lollipop man. Therefore, that’s what he’s going for. Not only is he an evil twin, he’s an evil genius too.
      The thin body/massive head/children licking is just freaky-ass…


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