Well, I apologise for not updating my blog more often. There’s a good reason for this; me and my intrepid crew have been sailing the seven seas in search of that Giant Squid scientists founds last week. Eventually we caught it, and, having lost twelve men to its tentacles and to scurvy and stuff, we made it home to England, civilisation and the love of a good woman.

Actually, that didn’t happen at all, it just sounded more interesting than the truth, which is that I’ve not been around to update it, and when I have been around, I’ve been downloading sermons from Jacob’s Well Church in an attempt to find out more about the ’emerging church’. Yes, I know downloading sermons isn’t exactly Napster vs Metallica, I doubt Sean Fanning is going to receive court orders from Rowan Williams, but hey, if I really wanted to live the rock and roll lifestyle, I’d’ve blagged my way into Gene Simmons’s Rock School.

That said, I did go to see some live music on Saturday. It was one of those gigs where, if you’re in the audience and you’re not a friend or relative of one of the guys on stage then you obviously got lost on your way to the toilets. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the gig – £3.00, £1.00 per band, can’t say fairer than that. It’s just that a couple of times I thought I’d strayed into an episode of Spaced (the lead singer of the first band said, with only a vague hint of irony, “Buy our demo CD and get a free f****** sticker!” Imagine Simon Pegg saying that and you’ll see what I mean.) And I geeked out at one point when the second band came out and their singer looked like Peter Kay playing Doctor Who. And his drummer wore a stripy shirt and a funny hat, and therefore looked like a weird cross between my old science teacher, Lars Ulrich and a mime artist. And I thought I was going to die at one point when my friend described one song as ‘mediocre’ when a relative of one of the group was standing right behind me. No big deal, you might think, but let’s put it this way – I’m a fairly big guy, but this anonymous relative made me look like Verne Troyer.

So hey, rock and roll!

And last night was my church’s twentysomething group (that’s the official name for it, because we couldn’t fit “The Group Which Sits Around Eating Pizza Trying To Pretend That Monday Isn’t Just A Few Hours Away” wouldn’t fit on any of the paperwork. We’re looking for a project. My sister keeps wanting us to cook for people, so if anyone wants scrambled eggs on toast, you just let me know, y’hear?

But it would be nice to have a project. Sometimes work doesn’t provide that sort of stimulation or interest, and so you’ve got to find it in your downtime. That’s the current quest. We’ll see where it takes us.


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