So, Anyway…

…I’m talking to a friend online, and he’s describing being back at uni, and meeting people who talk about C.S. Lewis and Watchmen and Descartes, and it’s made me feel a little…I dunno. I never meet people who talk about C.S. Lewis or Watchmen or Descartes. It’d be nice, you know? I think it’s part of a wider disaffection I’ve got – maybe I’m stuck in a rut.

Of course, I think part of it is because I went to university about five years before I was really ready for it. Not that I had any problems at uni; did the work, went okay, got a 2:1, funky. The social side of things was different though; I’ve always been an introvert, but back in the day I was probably a bit quiet for uni. I probably wouldn’t have been able to string together a convo about C.S Lewis anyway – “So. Lewis. Guy with the wardrobe. Okay!”

But hey, ‘what if?’ games are a waste of time. The trick is to meet new people now, when it matters. That’s the problem. How do you do it? It’s a mystery. Does everyone get stuck into a routine, and does breaking into a new routine become impossible? Or am I just missing something obvious? Answers on a postcard to…


5 thoughts on “So, Anyway…

  1. tipperary

    hey matt, i can have a convo about descartes. well can try, not that i remember much about him, but still sure it could all come back to me. probably should read his stuff again, as i am currently questioning my own existence

  2. novak

    Well, I’m regretably weak on my Descartes, but after that thoughtful response on the DC boards, I thought I’d “friend” you, if you didn’t mind.

      1. novak

        Yay! That was my first. Less satisfying, though, than I’d imagined getting selected for a letters column would be. I miss the letters columns: they’re like great archaeology in reading old issues, and I don’t think you’ll find the old boards in the future, so all the interaction between readers and staff will be lost….

      2. matthewhyde Post author

        I agree – the old letter columns have a permanance and a physicality that the boards can’t hope to duplicate. On the other hand, the boards allow us to develop communities and interact more effectively. The ideal situation would be to somehow have both.
        For the best letter columns I’ve seen published, track down some old issues of Starman. Those columns ended up being discussions about collecting things and meeting obscure celebrities, and actually contributed to the overall vibe of the title. If you haven’t read Robinson’s Starman, it comes highly recommended. Heck, a discussion about the relative merits of letter columns and message boards wouldn’t have been out-of-place in that book…

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