The best thing about the cinema is the trailers…

First Thunder #1 – First meeting of Superman and Captain Marvel. People like me are interested in things like that.
JLA Classified #11 – At last, someone writes the marriage between Clark and Lois and makes it interesting…
Villains United #5 – Sets up the biggest bad guy vs bad guy fight I can remember…
Superman #221 – The Jimmy-Olsen-as-Xander-Harris issue I’ve wanted to see for a while

Went to the cinema last night, but never mind the film (The Man for what it’s worth, one of those films Samuel L. Jackson does when he wants to go on holiday). What really matters is that I saw the trailer for Serenity, the big screen version of Firefly. It looks great; I got into Firefly through the DVD release, being a long term fan of Joss Whedon’s other shows, Buffy and Angel. It’s turning into the year for big screen geeky goodness – Batman Begins and Revenge of the Sith being the other notable examples. Add that to DC Comics’ latest universe-ending bout of superhero lunacy, Infinite Crisis, and 2005 is turing into the Year of the Geek.

Although if one more favourite character of mine is killed off in a shock twist, I swear, I’ll….


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