Wiki wiki wah wah

I’ll admit it, I’m not a technology geek. Oh sure, I appreciate the benefits of technology, like DVDs and the Internet and the Death Star, but my particular brand of geekery is largely pop-culture related. I’m always a bit late when it comes to technology. I initially resisted the idea of even having an email address way back when I was at university, and now look at me, spending all my time on message boards debating whether or not Batman is sometimes too mean to Superman.

This is a bit strange, considering I’m something of an information junkie, but I think it’s largely a book thing – I always feel there’s something more permanent about books and libraries than there is about, say, the Internet. That’s purely a personal response, and I know that there are issues with books being written by the sort of people who can write books (as opposed to the net, which theoretically has free access of publication), and we could end up debating notions of authority and authorship if we carry on down this route; I just like books, okay?

So it’s maybe not a surprise that I’m a latecomer to Wikipedia, which may be the greatest website ever, or at least one of the best websites for an info-junkie to have on their favourites list. Frankly, considering that I don’t know my wiki from my wi-fi, this is something of an admission, but I’m a convert. Any encyclopaedia that can have yer usual entries on French colonies in the Americas while also having entries on Captain Boomerang and Gorilla Grodd has got to be your reference resource of choice.

Having said that, I’m still going to hang on to my CD-ROM Encyclopaedia Britannica. And today I learned from the BBC’s H2G2 site that there are patron saints for repentant serial killers (St Caedwalla), really ugly people (St. Drogo) and those falsely accused of cannibalism (St. Blandina). Open source knowledge really is the way to go.

St. Isidore would be proud.


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