Firstly, rest in peace Brock Peters, star of To Kill a Mockingbirdwho passed away as the result of pancreatic cancer at the age of 78 (see the BBC News obituary). Mr. Peters also had a recurring role in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, for which I’ll remember him the most, mainly because he was in the best episode, ‘Far Beyond The Stars’. Playing the father of the central character, Peters conveyed a sense of humanity in the middle of a genre (and a franchise) that sometimes loses touch with things like that. And it goes without saying that, if you haven’t seen Mockingbird, then you should have done.

Secondly, Lost continues to intrigue. What’s the deal with the monster? How was Locke’s paralysis healed by the crash? How many more meanings can Hurley convey with the word ‘dude’? I’m with this show for the long haul…

And finally, I have no comments to make about the reliability or otherwise of Ananova, but the report that a ‘flying man’ in a cloak has been seen over Serbia appealed to the Superman fan in me. Go on, admit it, you want it to be true; you’ll believe a man can fly!


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