Rest In Peace

One of the things I hate about life is discovering places and situations and people when it’s too late; they aren’t commented on or reported until they’re taken away, and all we’re left with is history.

For instance, I was unaware of Brother Roger of the Taize community in France. He encouraged the spiritual quests of thousands of young people, supported the ecumenical movement, and his quoted motto was “Love, and express that with your life.” He seems to have been an inspiring man, and while I knew of Taize, I was unaware of the guy who founded it.

I learned this from a couple of obituaries (including this one) because on Tuesday Brother Roger was stabbed to death by a mentally disturbed Roumanian woman.

I guess I offer up this post and these links as a memorial to someone who touched thousands of lives in the decades following the war, and yet who I only learned about following his murder. Listen to the world, find things out, ask questions, be curious, and wherever possible learn things while they’re live and active and vital rather than be forced to study them in retrospect.

And love, and express that with your life.


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