Ooo, TV!

And just to prove I’m not just a sanctimonius bookworm trying to be philosophical…

If you’re in the UK and you’re not watching Lost, then you should be. Not only does it cover the internal politics and relationships of 48 plane crash survivors stranded on a mysterious island, but it also features out-of-place polar bears and a giant tree-crushing monster. And lots of mysterious squinkiness. Radio 1 described it as Jurassic Park meets Baywatch, which is a little unfair, but hey, it’ll do for a tagline. It’s also the best thing on TV since I got MacGyver and DueSouth on DVD…

Talking of MacGyver, here’s a blog project for someone who knows more about physics, engineering and chemistry than me; recreate some of MacGyver’s exploits and report on their success. Because frankly, much as I love the show, I’ll take a lot of convincing that you can turn a pinecone and some sap into a grenade.


One thought on “Ooo, TV!

  1. Anonymous

    We have one episode left of the first season of Lost and I can’t wait to see how they leave things. I’m sure it’ll be an amazing cliffhanger.
    It really is must-see television. I think the secret to the shows success is the characters themselves. Even though we viewers are hooked on the premise and drool over the clues to the islands secrets, we wouldn’t be so riveted to the screen if it wasn’t for the well written and performed cast of characters. There’s no way the show would be the hit it is if the characters were one-dimensional cyphers. The gradual reveal of their backstories is as gripping as what they experience on the island, at least to me.


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