I made myself a promise. I told myself that if Eugene won Big Brother, I’d start myself a blog. Well, technically he didn’t win; however, he did speak Morse Code in his eviction interview, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s way better than winning.

So anyway, here I am. I think you can pretty much expect this journal to be dominated by two things – faith and pop culture geekiness. I’m a practising Methodist and I have a not insignificant comic book collection. This means you can expect posts ranging from Bono’s next rant at the assembled bishops of the Church of England to whether or not the costume in Superman Returns sucks. Vaguely eclectic if nothing else.

Of course, you can expect moments of randomness too. Like the story of an ex-Hollywood stuntman who built a Viking longship out of 15 million ice lolly sticks. Its stories like this that make me feel better about the human race. Just when you think the news is all war, famine and suicide bombings, someone intends to sail to America on a boat made from ice lolly sticks. There’s a Terry Gilliam film there somewhere…




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